Dear concerned citizen,

PlantAmnesty is a federally approved 501c-3 charitable organization.
As such we are not allowed to advocate for legislation or influence public policy.
But our sister organization, TreePAC, can. 
Nothing speaks louder than a letter from a voter!
We know that Seattle’s trees and tree canopy are important to you and together we can get our voices heard.
We’ve put together a list of government and non-government contact information for you.  
ACT NOW to help us save our city’s trees!

Here are some steps that you could take, 

  1. Contact the City Council and Mayor directly.
  2. Attend City Council meetings in person and comment.
  3. Attend district-based City Council local meetings
  4. Get an office meeting with the Mayor and/or staff or City Council personnel.
  5. Contact TreePAC and ACT NOW
  6. If you suspect that a tree is being removed illegally, call these numbers:
    1. If the tree is on private property, call the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections (SDCI)
      at 206-684-8850
    2. If the tree is along the street or right of way, call the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)
      at 206-684-8733
    3. If the tree is in a park, call Seattle Parks & Recreation at 206-684-4113
  7. Spread the word!!! Tell your neighbors, other Seattle residents you may serve with on local Community Councils, your neighborhood group, your church group, social media, and anyone and everyone willing to listen. The more people know, the more they can provide input and help the effort.
  8. Send a letter to your mayor and council members via 'Don't Clear Cut Seattle CLICK HERE

Government Contact Information

Mayor Jenny Durkan (Seattle)
[email protected] 

Lisa Herbold, District 1
Planning, Land Use & Zoning Member
[email protected]

Bruce Harrell, District 2
Finance & Neighborhoods Member
[email protected]

Kshama Sawant, District 3
Sustainability & Transportation Member
[email protected]

Rob Johnson, District 4
Planning, Land Use & Zoning Chair
[email protected]

Deborah Juarex, District 5
Human Services, Equitable Development & Renter Rights Member
[email protected]

Mike O’Brien, District 6
Sustainability & Transportation Chair
Planning, Land Use & Zoning Vice-Chair
Finance & Neighborhoods Alternate
[email protected]

Sally Bagshaw, District 7
Finance & Neighborhoods Chair
[email protected]

Teresa Mosqueda (Citywide)
Human Services, Equitable Development & Renter Rights Alternate
[email protected]

Lorena Gonzalez (Citywide)
Finance & Neighborhoods Vice Chair
Planning, Land Use & Zoning Alternate

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)
Trees and Landscaping Department
Linea Laird, Interim Director
Email: [email protected]

Non-Government Contact Information

Friends of Urban Forests
Coalition for a Stronger Tree Ordinance
Protecting trees and our urban forest infrastructure
Click here to see the current ordinance to Protect & Grow Seattle’s Tree Canopy

TreePAC is a membership based political action committee that works for the urban forest.
Steve Zemke (Chair)
[email protected] 

Seattle Urban Forestry Commission
The Urban Forestry Commission was established to advise the Mayor and City regarding
the management, and conservation of trees and vegetation in the City of Seattle.
Sandra Pinto de Bader, Urban Forestry Commission Coordinator
Office of Sustainability and Environment
City of Seattle
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1868
P.O. Box 94729
Seattle, WA 98124-4729
[email protected]
(206) 684-3194 

Bloedel Reserve
Bloedel Reserve is an inspiring public garden located on Bainbridge Island, WA. This 150-acre reserve provides refreshing experiences in nature.
7571 N.E. Dolphin Drive
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

E3 Washington
E3 Washington supports environmental and sustainability education (ESE) for all WA students.
[email protected] 

Earth Corps
EarthCorps brings together passionate and hardworking young adults from the US and countries around the world,
for a yearlong leadership training program in Seattle, Washington.
Phone: (206)322-9296x101
Fax: (206)322-9312
Email: [email protected] 

Forterra is leader for regional sustainability.
They have conserved 250000 acres and improved the quality of life for people in over 90 communities.
Forterra King County Office (Main Office)
901 5th Avenue, Ste. 2200
Seattle WA 98164
Phone: (206) 292-5907
[email protected]

Friends of Seward Park
The Friends of Seward Park work to preserve the natural habitat of this urban old growth forest
[email protected] 

King County Trees
King County and partners will plant 1 Million Trees by 2020 across King County in both urban and rural areas.
Phone: 206-296-0100 

Nature Consortium
Nature Consortium inspires people in Puget Sound to become creative leaders through art and environmental action
Phone: 206-923-8053 

Seattle Audubon
Seattle Audubon is a nonprofit organization that leads a local community in appreciating, understanding, and protecting birds and their natural habitats.
Phone: 206.523.4483
[email protected]

Sierra Club of Washington
The Sierra Club of Washington is involved in environmental education, conservation, and political issues. 
They lead fun outings such as hikes, trail maintenance, and snow-shoeing walks. Join in and help us protect our air, land and water throughout our beautiful state!
[email protected]
Phone: 206-378-0114 

Trees for Seattle
Since 2009, Trees for Neighborhoods has helped Seattle residents plant over 8,300 trees in their yards and along the street
Email:[email protected]

Washington Native Plant Society
Washington Native Plant Society is a forum for individuals who share a common interest in Washington's unique and diverse plant life.
(206) 527 3210
[email protected]