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PlantAmnesty offers pruning classes and workshops, community service activities including our yearly Arbor Day prune (pictured below), engaging and informative meetings, fundraisers, and other lively events like Garden Tours and Tree-Hugger Bingo.

Rich Appleton & Jack Bautsch at South Seattle College Arboretum, Arbor Day 2017


In 2019 our activities are focused on several areas:

  • Shear Madness campaign - We will educate the public, landscape professionals and HOA's about the effects of the damaging, unsustainable, expensive and tragically widespread practice of shearing all shrubs. We will demonstrate how sheared landscapes can be converted into healthier, more natural-looking, lower maintenance properties. We plan the final editing of our Landscape Conversion video and will add it to our YouTube channel.
  • Continued outreach to Spanish-speaking landscape workers -  We plan to translate more pruning materials into Spanish, including the Landscape Conversion videos on our YouTube channel, and our digital plant identification flash cards.
  • Respond to the ongoing high demand for our hands-on pruning workshops. - We plan to offer smaller workshops on a more frequent basis, making them more accessible.



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