Pruning Literature

Integral to PlantAmnesty's mission is to provide accurate information about pruning and landscape maintenance.  We're here to help you just say no to shrub-shearing.  And remember, topping is for your banana split, not your tree!

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See the full listing of categories of articles in our voluminous pruning literature, authored by PlantAmnesty Founder and President, Cass Turnbull (unless otherwise indicated) below.  Click on a category to see the full list of articles available.  A few of the articles are live links so you can read and print them.  The others may be ordered through the PlantAmnesty Order Form for very reasonable fees (to cover our printing and mailing costs).  Many topics currently listed under these categories can also be found in Cass Turnbull's Guide to Pruning, 3rd Edition, and are identified with a red asterisk (*).  A few other topics are available only in the book, and are so marked.

Click on the category you are interested in to see a listing of articles, a few of which are live links, allowing you to view, download, and/or print.  Should you have difficulty viewing or printing any linked article, please contact the office for help (206-783-9813 or [email protected]). 


Anti-topping literature, information on pruning specific species of trees,
tree care, Japanese pruning, and more.


Anti-shearing literature, information on many, many specific shrubs,
and more.


Find out how to prune roses, wisteria, clematis, and more.


Information on pruning fruit trees, figs, grapes, and raspberries.

Perennials and Groundcovers

Learn how to prune specific perennials.

Plant Lists

Lists of plants, such as good plants for shade, lower-story plants,
drought-tolerant shrubs, and more.


Find out about tool care, ladders, pruners, and more.

Miscellaneous Literature

Includes articles about basic types of cuts, mulch, winter damage, and overplanting.

Regional Pruning Guides 

Find pruning guides for various regions of the US, such as the Maritime Northwest, New England, San Francisco, Florida, and more!