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"Trees don't obstruct views, they ARE the views."

Ann Lovejoy,
author of
Ann Lovejoy's Organic Design School:
A Guide to  Creating  Your Own
Easy-Care Garden

Benefits to Members

The Benefits of Your Membership to PlantAmnesty

Every PlantAmnesty member adds to our strength in sheer (non-shearing) numbers and gives us the power to be taken seriously.  As a member, you will be part of a growing movement to lead us out of the dark ages of garden care.

PlantAmnesty gains access to the knowledge and skills of all of our members to accomplish our goals.

Becoming a member of PlantAmnesty is a way of accomplishing things together that most of us cannot do alone.

PlantAmnesty members share a common bond of caring about green things, and they know that an immense amount of damage is done to our landscapes, largely due to widespread ignorance.

Membership in PlantAmnesty provides the crucial funding needed to continue providing these valuable services for our community:

  • Gardener and arborist referrals made through our free Referral Service
  • Educational materials and literature, including how-to guides, YouTube videos, pruning tips, articles, essays, DVDs, and books
  • Pruning classes, lectures, and hands-on lessons, workshops, and demonstrations
  • Professional arborist and gardener donated work days
  • PlantAmnesty website
  • Seattle Heritage Tree Program
  • Thousands of calls and requests for information answered by our office staff and volunteers
  • PlantAmnesty presence at community events
  • Alerting of the public to Crimes against Nature with a media campaign that employes humor, education, and controversy to raise public awareness.

As a member of PlantAmnesty, you will not only be more informed,
you will be promoting awareness and respect for trees and other growing things.