Literature & DVDs

PlantAmnesty makes a wide variety of literature available.  Click here for more information.  Brochures include:

  • My Tree's Too Big! and 3 Solutions
  • Five Reasons to Stop Topping Trees
  • 6 Ways To Kill Your Tree

PlantAmnesty also organizes articles and materials on tree-related subjects, including fruit-tree pruning, tree pruning, saving trees and views, anti-topping and more.

Additionally PlantAmnesty has a series of one page Pruning Topics. They cover everything from timing, rhododendrons and hedges to clematis and radical renovations.

"Pruning Horrors and Pruning Micro-course" is a 2 hour video revealing the three most common forms of bad pruning: tree-topping, stripping (non-selective overthinning or skirting of trees and shrubs), and inappropriate shearing. (In some gardens, shearing is appropriate for some types of plant species.) The definitions of some commonly copied forms of pruning art such as topiary, Japanese cloud pruning, and pollarding are also covered. The show's last section, titled "The Good, The Bad, and the Bizarre", provides examples of general interest.