Nasty Letter Writer

Upon request, a letter of concern will be written by PlantAmnesty staff.  Each year numerous letters are written, mostly to companies advertising the unsound practice of topping as a tree service.  Letters are firm but polite, educational, and are accompanied by back-up literature.  Other letters are written to publishers who disseminate incorrect information, policy makers of municipalities, and businesses who have mal-pruned or otherwise seriously mistreated their plants.  Originators of the requested letters are not mentioned by name.

To have a letter of concern written for you, we must have the following information:  Name, address, and ZIP code of company or person, and description and approximate date of event.  Include the species name if possible, and whether or not power-lines were present.  A photo is especially useful, as we must have copies of any advertisements which advertise tree topping.

Please mail the information, along with photos or copies of ads to:

Nasty Letter Writer
PO Box 15377
Seattle, WA 98115-0377


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