Public Service Announcements

PlantAmnesty, the United States Forest Service (working through the Washington State Department of Natural Resources), and the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture have produced two high quality Television Public Service Announcements. These PSAs have successfully aired in King County and in several states and have appeard on the Jay Leno show.  Each Public Service Announcement runs 30 seconds.  These are high quality productions by the award winning McKenna/Gottlieb Producers Inc.  They are informative and entertaining, which helps them to get air time.

PSA #1

PSA #2

Why you should order these PSAs:

A Public Service Announcement reaches ALL segments of society (not just those who are interested in trees), thus increasing the base level of public education.

A Public Service Announcement has authority.  Because it's a PSA, the connection to profit motive is eliminated.  Also, information which is seen on TV is considered valid and factual, as opposed to personal contacts which are often interpreted as personal opinion.  A Public Service Announcement reaches a huge audience.  Even when aired at times other than prime time, one showing of the PSA can be expected to reach more people than one gardener or arborist in a lifetime.  A Public Service Announcement introduces you to the public and secures in their mind that your organization is caring and knowledgeable.

Both PSAs are available to business, government agencies and non-profit groups.

A Public Service Announcement of similar quality costs between $10,000 and $20,000 to produce.  As per our agreement with the Department of Natural Resources, we are making television-quality dubs available for cost, $250.00 for both. Review copies are available for a modest $20.  These dubs can be ordered with existing end-logos, or with no endings to be adapted by your local studio to show your logo.  We can adapt your logo for $30 total cost, if facilities are unavailable in your area.


(Pastoral setting)

"A tree in the forest can live a hundred and fifty years, but in your back yard, eh, maybe twenty.  Why?  See... look.

Wrong tree, wrong place."

(a birch is being planted under wires)

"Hey, behind you, trees need water, too!"

(lady watering grass, spins to water tree)

"...and no bashing with a mower or trimmer, how'd you like someone to do that to you?"

(mower and weed-eater gash tree trunk)

"Uh-oh, strangulation."

(tree girdled by tree stake tie)

"...and this is the worst, topping!"

(tree is topped)

"So now you know... don't kill trees.  We need every one we've got."

(cut to logos)



"Hey, we all love trees, okay?  But most people don't know how to take care of their trees.  Especially when it comes to pruning.  They go out with their chain saws and hack'em and whack'em and try to make them small again.  It's a controlling nature thing.  The point is that pruning is more than just cutting, and it's certainly not topping, like what this guy is doing.  To find out how to prune your trees right contact an arborist or call PlantAmnesty."

Visual:  is a sped up film of person topping a tree, including chain saw noise.  Logo(s) includes PlantAmnesty phone number.